Here by us declare that the product has been checked and qualified by Gisa srl.
According to this manual, if there is natural fault occurred during normal operation, the product will be guaranteed for two year free.

If the product was broken down during warranty period, please contact the assistance service (send an email to ordini@gisabrevetti.it) and keep this book with warranty certificate page, sales receipt, the product main body and all the accessories.

If there is following cases, we cannot free repair it even in the warranty period:

- The trouble occurred two year later after the date of buying.
- There is no receipt to indicate the buying date.
- The product has been opened or tampered.
- Fault caused by falling down, using in water, misusing or using in abuse. Hurt, contaminated or fault occurred on appearance.
- The maintenance and precautions instructions have been ignored.
- Use of fragrances different from Gisa Wellness diffusion products or essential oils that are not 100% natural.
- Fault caused by fire, earthquake, storm and flood, damage, salt erosion, public disaster, war or other disasters.

In case of reparation and replacement by Gisa srl, the replaced product will be covered by warranty for the remaining period of the original warranty.

In case of replacement, the cost for the product to be returned will be at your charge, while the shipping of the new diffuser will be free of charge.