We declare that all products have been tested and certified by Gisa srl. According to this warranty, if natural defects are required during normal operation, the product is guaranteed for 2 years.
If the product is malfunctioning during the warranty period, contact Customer Support via toll-free (800 64 28 08) and keep the warranty certificate on the instruction manual, purchase receipt and speaker in its original box , complete with all accessories. This warranty is not valid in the following cases:
- If the problem occurs after 2 years from the purchase.
- If no buyer's receipt is presented.
- If the product has been opened and / or tampered with.
- If the diffuser breaks down after falling, use in water, misuse.
- If you do not follow the instructions for cleaning and maintenance.
- When using fragrances containing chemicals, PEG 40 Castor Oil or any other substance that is not 100% natural.
- In case of fires, earthquakes, floods, erosion, war and other natural disasters.
In the case of repair and replacement by Gisa srl, the replaced product will be covered by warranty for the remaining period with respect to the duration of the original warranty.