Ultrasonic diffusers

Diffusori ad ultrasuoni

The benefits of essential oils spread in the environment are now known and there are several ways to spread them, but not everyone knows the differences and the pros and cons of these methods.
The most popular are the flame-burning essences and the ultrasound aromatherapy diffuser.
The burning essences are certainly the first to have been used for this purpose; Essential oils are poured into the water that is heated by a candle placed inside the loudspeaker. In this way, essential oils evaporate together with water and spread to the surrounding environment. This type of speaker has the advantage of being very cheap and easy to find and can be found in all colors and shapes. In contrast, however, the fact that heating essential oils is likely to alter its composition and therefore lose its many beneficial properties. Do not underestimate the possible risks of leaving an incandescent flame in your home unattended. The newest method for diffusion of essential oils is undoubtedly the ultrasonic diffuser. Unlike the burners of essence, with these machines spread is cold. In fact, thanks to innovative ultrasonic technology, water and essential oil are crushed in micro particles that are spread in the environment. In this way, essential oil is not heated and therefore retains all its natural properties and benefits. Thanks to the instant water vaporization, these loudspeakers also allow a snapshot of micro humidifying the air.
Another strong point for ultrasonic loudspeakers is the presence of colored LEDs, which combine aromatherapy with chromotherapy; the latter an ancient alternative medicine according to which each color can affect a person's physical and mental well-being.
The range of Gisa Wellness ultrasonic loudspeakers is very wide and gives you the choice of different price, size or material ranges. In addition, our products range from the most basic to the most advanced speakers with innovative features such as the music therapy function or the built-in rechargeable battery.

27/11/2021 by Gisa srl